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In Concept, The North State is a Destination for Creative Exercise & Progress Through Design.

In this space, design professionals advance ideas through a strategic process to create visually-inspired and recognizable brands.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, award-winning art director and designer Mike Sakoonserksadee leads the design team. By combining a conceptual approach and an engaging process, The North State blends strategy and design to elevate brands.

Each project is seen as an opportunity for great design that's both results-oriented and unique. That's why The North State partners with clients throughout the creative process, to assure brand strategy and design accurately communicate a client's passion, vision, and business objectives.

The Studio

The Story


A Progressive Approach Toward Style and Visual Language.

The North State Design Studio practices design with a progressive approach to visual language in a variety of mediums. Founding partner Mike Sakoonserksadee has gained

experience through the largest of international digital agencies and has created award-winning, interactive and logo designs.

The North State Design Studio originally launched in 2008 as a joint creative effort of two small, upstart consultancies (M15 Media Design & Stafford.Tisdale Creative). Early work primarily served clients with screen-based design needs, but the team's skill and talent paved the way for successful print and branding campaigns.

From the Grammy-winning band The Shins to the Smithsonian Archives of American Art, the studio has created compelling campaigns

and designs in a variety of industries, including arts & entertainment, restaurant, retail, technology, and professional services.

For 4 years, the studio was based in Charlotte, NC. Today, The North State continues to thrive in sunny Austin, Texas. This amazingly creative and lively city serves as a fitting home to the studio – a collaboration for new design styles, creative uses of technology, and visual stories that set brands apart.

The North State continues to serve as a knowlegable partner, educating clients about the effect that thoughtful design can have on their successful branding efforts.

The Studio



We Look Forward To Discussing How We Can Create Something Together.

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The North State Design Studio
1604 Corona Drive
Austin, TX 78723

Tel. 866.965.3388

At The North State, we love to work one on one with our clients to ensure that we successfully communicate your passion, vision, and business objectives. We believe in forming rewarding, long-term partnerships that allow us both to grow. By combining our creative process and award-winning design capabilities with your goals and vision, we are able to bring out the best in your company.

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