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PSL Source
Brand Identity & Web Presence

PSL Source is a new company that serves as an independent broker of Permanent Seat Licences. The business' primary business tool, is an online marketplace for football fans to buy and sell seat licences. The PSL Source visual identity centers around the concept of exchange but is equally defined by the visual approach that has been extended into key website functionality such as interactive stadium charts and the buyer/seller negotiation process.

Project Info

Project Debut : August 2010
Client : PSL Source, LLC.

Services Provided :

Identity, Stationery, Verbal, Website, User Interface, Online Marketing, Social Media

Client Response :

"Prior to the development of PSL Source, we previously worked with TNS on several smaller side projects. We were impressed with their work and sought out their help at the concept stage of our newest project - the creation of marketplace to buy and sell NFL Personal Seat Licenses (PSLs) that far outdistanced what was currently available to NFL fans. What we quickly learned from our new relationship with TNS was that we were gaining not only a valuable design partner, but a true business partner with a keen interest for, and useful insight to, numerous aspects of the business development process. While we are thrilled with the current state of, we look forward to continuing to work with TNS to further hone and improve the functioning and user experience of the site. We have full faith in the skills, ideas and professionalism of TNS and have and will continue to recommend their services to others."

Greg Carl, Owner – PSL Source

PSL Source Design by The North State

Kicking-off a New Company through Online Experience & Focused Brand Identity.

Following the 2009 NFL football season, The North State was approached to create a new brand identity system and website for PSL Source, a stadium seat license brokerage company. After years of success with regionally targeted efforts in Tennessee and Carolina, founder Greg Carl aimed to expand into new markets with a new online service that would to enable football fans to buy, sell or trade their seats online.


Permanent Seat Licenses, or PSLs, are purchased by football fans in order to secure season ticket rights for seats in their favorite team's stadium. Owners of PSLs can sell or trade these licenses much like any real estate or stock investment. Carl saw opportunity in creating an online exchange service that would serve as a virtual “trading floor” for fans to negotiate the purchase and sale of PSLs. Named PSL Source, the new company would need instant brand visibility and an intuitive interface to differentiate the online experience from any existing competitor websites.

... it was necessary for the brand identity system to visually unify the sensation of online auctions and the energy of the sports gameday.

Solution :

With similarly modeled services preceding PSL Source, The North State understood that the new brand should resonate with potential PSL buyers and sellers. It was necessary for the entire brand experience to convey trust and credibility. PSL Source would need a memorable visual identity to create interest, an engaging website to generate registered members, and an intuitive interface to successfully carry out the buyer/seller negotiation process.

It was determined that the target audience would not only consist of individuals loyal to their favorite teams, but also ticket brokers actively acquiring and reselling (“flipping”) seat licenses. With this knowledge, it was necessary for the brand identity system to visually unify the sensation of online auctions and the energy of the sports gameday.

PSL Source logo by The North State

Approach :

As a result of varied conceptual directions, the PSL Source logo was crafted to connect the trusted process of exchange with the style of an active sports-related brand. The style and weight of the logotype align with the color palate to stand firmly amongst the aesthetics of professional sports.

PSL Source Graphic Design by The North State

Upon completing the design of the PSL Source corporate identity system, the concept and themes were further extended to the website design, brand messaging and user interface design.

PSL Source logo by The North State

For members, the PSL Source Account Center is the centerpiece of the PSL negotiation process. The user experience for this important area was designed to provide an engaging presentation of pertinent information and a sense of direction in each step. The resulting interface, provides PSL Source members with an intuitive and communicative experience with the brand throughout each stage of their transaction.

Strategic branding components were designed to highlight the level of service provided by PSL Source and promote user confidence throughout their transactions. Additionally, a sub-brand system was created to serve the business’ regionally targeted efforts.

PSL Source logo by The North State

Outcome :

Following the launch of, the company received an instant response from individual PSL owners seeking to sell their seat licenses and ticket brokers looking to list inventories of PSLs. By the end of the 2010 NFL season, PSL Source had expanded into eight markets, featured an inventory exceeding 1,000 PSLs, and had daily negotiations from their 600 registered members. PSL Source has sold seats from Baltimore to Seattle and, despite the 2011 NFL lock-out, the company looks to expand into new markets prior to Super Bowl XLVI.

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